Speedbowl Documentary Series

A Chronological History of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is a comprehensive documentary series on the ‘shoreline oval’ from its initial opening as a dirt track in 1951 through its unexpected survival through a foreclosure auction in October 2014, plus all the stars and memorable moments on the track over the years. Told via interviews with 68 people from throughout Speedbowl history and loaded with vintage footage and photos.

The Speedbowl is one of three remaining asphalt short tracks in the state of Connecticut – the others being Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson.  Unlike those other two tracks, who have been family owned & operated for a half-century or longer, the Speedbowl has endured five different owners and 9 different operating teams.  (All living track operators from 1951-2016 were interviewed and/or contributed to this project).  When the Speedbowl was built in 1951, there were also four other tracks in Connecticut towns that have now since closed (Danbury, Plainville, New Haven & Bridgeport).  The ownership changes and regional landscape in which the Speedbowl has survived is a common theme throughout this series.

But it’s also about the legendary drivers who have left their mark on the Speedbowl’s history books.  From early stars like Bill Slater, Moe Gherzi, Dick Beauregard and Don Collins, to the intense rivalries between Bob Potter & Moose Hewitt and Phil Rondeau & Jay Stuart, to the modern day stars like Dennis Gada and Keith Rocco, this doc series highlights them all with unbelievable photos and rare vintage footage from every decade the track has been in operation.

In all there were over 60 people interviewed who helped tell the Speedbowl’s story – competitors, team owners, track operators, announcers, photographers, journalists and officials.  All with their own unique perspective on some of the more memorable stories of the ‘shoreline oval’.

This series, scheduled for six separate films released as they’re completed, will provide for approximately 12 hours of in-depth history of one of the oldest continually operating asphalt short tracks in the United States.  Produced independently with a minuscule budget, A Chronological History of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is available online for FREE so that fans not only in the northeast, but around the country can enjoy these stories for years to come.

We hope you browse the menu to view not only the documentary films in the series, but also the other nostalgic video shorts produced from the same interviews.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback on this project!  Click on the images below for more on each of the six films in this series.

PART ONE (1951-1961)
released on September 16, 2015

PART TWO (1961-1974)
released on December 15, 2015

PART THREE (1975-1984)
released on May 8, 2017

PART FOUR (1985-1994)
released on October 23, 2018

PART FIVE (1995-2005)
currently in production – released date TBD

Part 5 profiles the arrival of new operator Terry Eames, including his purchase of the track in 2000, the return of the NASCAR sanction in 2000, creation of the Wild N’ Wacky Wednesday series and a talented group of 2nd generation Speedbowl champions from the late 1990’s.  Drivers & personalities profiled include Eric Berndt, John Brouwer Jr, Allen Coates, Dennis Gada, Ed Reed Jr and many more!.

PART SIX (2006-2014)
currently in production – released date TBD

Part 6 profiles the 2nd half of Terry Eames operational control of the track, including a 2-year operational lease to Jerry Robinson, the conversion to the ACT Late Models and the miraculous survival of the track through a foreclosure auction in late 2014.  Drivers & personalities profiled include Keith Rocco, Bruce Thomas Jr, Timmy Jordan, Al Stone III, Ken Cassidy Jr and Jerry Robinson.

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